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According to its articles, the main activities of the GESTOCI are:

The management of oil stocks, including stock-tools (operational) and safety stocks as mention

The transportation of oil products between deposits

The management and maintenance of the deposits, the facilities, the equipment and materials necessary for the operation

The delivery of oil products to authorized distributors



The resources available to GESTOCI to finance its activities mainly consist of:

  • The charges of products passage paid by marketers
  • The Transportation equalization
  • The special tax provided for in the price structure of oil products for the smooth operation and management of safety stocks

 GESTOCI is a company undertaking the storage of the petroleum products (PREMIUM, DIESEL, KEROSENE, DDO, FUEL, BUTANE, BITUMEN, CUTBACK, JET A1) deriving from SIR and intended for local and sub-regional consumption.

Thus, apart from Côte d’Ivoire, GESTOCI supplies Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and Gambia through transport transactions (trucks, trains) and Switzerland by sea.

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