The Minister of Mines and Energy, Mr. Augustin Kouadio Komoé, was at the GESTOCI on Friday 19 November 2010. On the occasion of this visit, the directors of the company presented to him the new projects and the yards in progress in the field of the storage of butane gas throughout the Ivorian territory.

In addition to hydrocarbon management, the GESTOCI also deals with the storage of butane gas, whose consumption by Ivorian industries and households is increasing every year. To avoid the incessant shortages that annoy Ivorian consumers, the GESTOCI intends to take the bull by the horns. The new management of the GESTOCI, led by Mr. Michel DIBI-N'GUETTIA, has just launched an ambitious project to store butane gas to meet the needs of Ivorian households and certain countries in the sub-region. It was this project that was presented to Minister Augustin Kouadio KOMOE by the leaders of the GESTOCI during a ceremony that began with the speeches of the PCA Ms Morokro, then that of the DG, Mr. Michel DIBI-N'GUETTIA. After thanking the Minister for having taken up the challenge of regulating Côte d'Ivoire’s electrical energy by putting an end to the untimely downloading, has just given new guidelines to put an end to the shortage of butane gas which threatened the quietness of Ivorian households. Without giving too much speech, the DG of the Gestoci invited the Minister to watch a filmed element presenting his new gas policy.

It was through the screening of a 3D film (three dimensions) that this ambitious project was presented, not only to the Minister, but to all the guests and the national and international press.
The GESTOCI not only wants to increase the number of its spheres of storage on its former sites in Abidjan, Yamoussokro and Bouaké, but it intends to extend its field of action to the south-west of Côte d'Ivoire through the construction of a new site in San Pedro. In Abidjan, three new spheres will be built, bringing the number of storage tools to five. Likewise in Yamoussokro and Bouaké, which already house two old spheres in each city, will be built two new spheres bringing the number to four in each city. But the Gestoci does not stop on such a good path.

In its desire to get closer to the Ivorian populations in order to better satisfy households, it intends to build a new storage site in San Pedro where three spheres will emerge from the ground. The GESTOCI National Butane Gas Coverage Policy is underway. That is why, at the end of the projection, the Minister and his delegation were invited to visit the new butane gas storage sphere under construction. Satisfied with the progress of the work, the Minister of Mines and Energy has warmly congratulated the DG of the GESTOCI and his collaborators, not only for the ambitious projects aimed at increasing the spheres of storage, but also for the start of construction sites in progress. These congratulations and encouragement took place during the last part of the ceremony where Mr. Augustin Kouadio KOMOE focused on the policy of extension of butane gas
in Ivorian households.

This policy, he says, first requires a satisfactory safety stock close to international standards, and then a new approach to gas distribution in households. Thus, to solve the problem of the inadequacy of gas cylinders, he referred to the distribution of butane gas by piping with specific installations incorporated from the construction of houses. But that requires an upfront discussion with the real estate companies. A new chapter in perspective in the new policy for the development of butane gas consumption in Côte d'Ivoire.
After the minister’s brilliant intervention, a cocktail party ended the ceremony.

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