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Abidjan, June 15, 2022 – The world leader in the development of aviation fuel supply standards, "Joint Inspection Group" (JIG), on June 15, 2022, awarded Abidjan a "Good "to the Société de Gestion des Stocks Pétroliers de Côte d'Ivoire (GESTOCI) for the quality of its services. The announcement of the good news was made by the international inspector François Raharison at the end of the inspection he carried out within the company.

“This note is confirmation that GESTOCI has made a big leap by taking quality control in hand. Good work has been done and it is clearly visible. On the field side, on the control side of operations, GESTOCI is really "Good", "he said, in the presence of the Deputy General Manager of GESTOCI, Nina Keïta Kamara, and all the staff.

For him, this rating is historic, because since the 1990s, it is the very first time that the management of Jet A1 operations at GESTOCI has been certified in accordance with the rigor of the JIG and the international standards of the International Transport Association. Air (IATA) and Air Transport Association of America (ATA).

François Raharison also praised the commitment of the TPAV depot manager (his name) and his team for the excellent work done in terms of quality control. He encouraged GESTOCI to finalize the documentation and traceability side to reinforce the "Good" rating.

During the inspection, François Raharison was delighted to have found "no leaks on the pipelines", just as he appreciated that "the purge circuits are made of stainless steel". “It is remarkable,” he said. This shows the seriousness taken in respecting the recommendations made during previous inspections and above all the commitment of the General Management, in particular the Deputy General Manager who had made obtaining this certification an objective to be achieved.

“This is excellent news for GESTOCI. I am extremely moved by it. Because this certification project was one of my projects when I arrived at GESTOCI in June 2019. Indeed, it was the first file entrusted to me by the Managing Director. My joy is unspeakable after obtaining this "Good" certification. We appreciated having the "Satisfactory" rating in 2019, but today we are overjoyed with the "Good" rating. My congratulations to all the staff and especially the JET A1 team,” said the DGA. She also, on behalf of CEO Ibrahima Doumbia, translated GESTOCI's recognition to JIG.

This distinction by JIG confirms that GESTOCI is on an upward trajectory in terms of quality control in the Ivorian oil sector where it is the leader. This leadership has also been rewarded with the 2021 National Excellence Award for the Best Company in the Oil Sector.

It should be remembered that the ratings likely to be obtained following a JIG inspection are as follows: "Good" (excellent mastery of procedures and product quality control, evidence of good HSE performance); "Satisfactory" (no deviations on Quality control and HSE issues) and finally "Less Than Satisfactory" (operations show signs of failure in achieving Quality and HSE standards).




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