| AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Alain Narcisse Assi N’CHO - Best Agent of the Headquarters Administrative Department

Alain Narcisse Assi N’CHO, Chef de Section et Trésorerie-Direction Financière et Comptable

"By joining GESTOCI in 2008, my ambition was to give the best of myself for the work that I would be entrusted with. Today, with obtaining this award, my efforts are recognized by the top management of the company. It is quite simply feelings of deep joy, of indescribable happiness that animate me and especially of gratitude to the initiators who are the General Management and the Mutual of Agents of GESTOCI "MUTAGEST".

GESTOCI is a Société Anonyme (S.A) created in 1983, with the main objective of protecting the Ivory Coast from any breakdown and / or crisis in the supply of petroleum products. Today, headed by Managing Director Ibrahima DOUMBIA, it is the West African leader in the storage of petroleum products. It is an honor for me to be on the staff of such a company.

At GESTOCI, I manage the regulations and treasury operations on a daily basis in compliance with the procedures and regulations in force, in order to meet the company's commitments to third parties. For me, collaboration requires teamwork, in order to achieve a goal set by General Management. This is not always obvious to everyone, it is a complex exercise which requires diplomacy and respect for all the sensitivities involved. Getting along well with colleagues is essential from a professional standpoint and to the development of his career. In our department, we do everything for a convergence of views and a synergy of actions.

It is through contact with others that we improve, that we are enriched by their experiences. I always encourage colleagues to cultivate humility, courtesy, in order to achieve our goals. As the saying goes: "We always hit the straight one, the crooked ones, usually we leave them alone!" ". Anyone who refuses to learn, someone who refuses to learn, will inevitably be left behind.

My wish is that in addition to being the best company in the petroleum sector in West Africa, GESTOCI continues its rise on a continental and even global level. "

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